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About Beta Advice

Beta Advice is a specialist insurance advisory practice. We believe we can make obtaining insurance affordable and appropriate for whoever needs it. We do this by providing the following;

Review your cover - Your insurance is not "set and forget", most likely. Your financial situation, finances and needs are constantly changing and your insurance needs to reflect this. By constantly reviewing your insurance we ensure you are not under-protected should you suffer an insurable event or you are not over insured which means you are paying for premiums you don’t need. 

Understand your situation - We will look at your current circumstances and see if the cover is suitable still, and whether we retain, replace or reduce any cover you have for your current needs and also future needs.

Research the market - We compare your current policies to similar providers to ensure what you are paying is within the market ranges. We also compare your existing definitions and compare with other options. We will list all definitions that you will gain, improve or lose in our recommendations.

Choice - We understand that insurance premiums increase as you get older and sometimes the ideal cover is too expensive. We will be able to provide you with options on altering different cover amounts or features to make the premium affordable for the time you hold the policy. 

Educate - We believe that understanding the cover you have or obtaining is a very important step in making insurance an integral part of your financial situation. Protecting your financial situation is as important as growing your wealth.

Clarity - Our purpose is simple to make insurance advice simple, achievable and easy to understand. We will provide a clear outline to achieve what's important to you.


If you require an appointment outside of our normal office hours, please feel free to email to discuss your needs.  We can travel to you, or meet you at a location & time that suits you and your family best.

If you wish to book a time with us online please feel free to click here to make a time.

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Our Services

Personal insurance advice

This includes protection cover options including:

Life cover

Total and Permanent Disability

Income Protection

Trauma Insurance

Business Overheads

Business Insurance advice

This includes protection cover options including:

Buy/Sell Agreement Insurance

Business Debt Protection

Key Person Insurance

Shareholders Protection

Business Expenses

Our Process

Our Insurance  expertise aims to deliver the best possible advice in an easy to understand manner.
We will continue to provide review services throughout our relationship with you.

Our process is not a 5 minute chat. Insurance is not a commodity that should be treated as spare change as this potential payout could effect your quality of life significantly. 

We have a 5 step process that looks like the following:

What to bring to our initial meeting: